The Interstudy Experience


Journal & Respond

Isn't it distracting? That moment when you feel His presence but have to stop to switch apps or get your pen and paper situated? Your responses should flow naturally, like talking to God.



Integrated Scripture

Over 1,000 bible versions at your fingertips, literally, and all automated. When scripture is referenced, the text is just there. No app-switching, no page-flipping.

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The point is to have community, process good teaching, and hopefully be transformed. Save, Send, or Print your completed chapters with a touch. Show up to group ready. Finish strong!


Your Libraries from Your Sources

Here's the best part, YOUR CHURCH could do this in 10 minutes, and all you'll have to do is subscribe to it. Your sermon studies could be one tap away. Most of the content you're using in your small-groups fits perfectly into this experience.

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The Complete Study Platform

This app is FREE for you to engage content* and FREE for your organization to create & present it. This is the kind of growth and transformation intended to prepare us for the King and His kingdom!

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Do you want to create studies?


* Interstudy also sells published books by today's leading Christian authors in an interactive study format. These can be found in the Interstudy Marketplace.

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