Interstudy is a Christ-centered company focused on the innovation of interactive experiences for the advancement of The Gospel and growth of believers.

Our Story

Over three years ago at zero dark thirty, I awoke from a deep sleep with three words echoing in my head; "hands-free studies."

This made very little sense to me... until I realized I had five out of five days left in my Monday small-group study and I was about to drive to work for a double shift... on a Friday.


And I was the leader.

A couple texts later and it started to feel like the quiet whisper of a kingdom calling. Along with some close friends, I made a couple of attempts to talk myself out of it, but soon we were well on our way to developing an app that would eventually become Interstudy.


The study we were doing at my church had a real specific format, five days per week with questions and scripture, like most sermon studies. In fact, our pastor even planned his weekly messages around the curriculum. Meanwhile, we were starting to build an idea of what it would look like with this user workflow and some very specific authors in mind.

A small amount of research pointed us to David C Cook who became our dream partner for content. We contacted them and sent over this POC (Proof Of Concept) for a licensing agreement.

Warning: May cause sleepiness. ;)

Before​ we could talk ourselves out of it, David C Cook signed the agreement! (After a quick nap)

Doors continued to open, we gathered up a very small seed capital, and the build began.

Fast forward three short years and here we are. Multiple publisher agreements, a publishing interface that allows users to create or edit studies, and apps on Apple and Google Play (Android). The app is very "Hands-on" and well on it's way to something really innovative. We've always said, this has the potential to tilt the globe closer to God, if ever so slightly.


What's Next?

So, things are progressing nicely. The roller coaster ride is causing transformation in many who are connected to the project. God's heroism is repetitious... and TRUE. A constant cycle of listening, following, praying, praising, and hoping. Inspiration sprouts and then it fades. Money comes and then it depletes. Supporters rise and occasionally fall. All in a strangely dependable rotation. But without Jesus, nothing.

We are SO CLOSE.

Here's where we're at now:

  • A completely customizable & conversational response flow

  • An engaging tap menu for notes, highlighting and sharing

  • Share & Print functionality for personal reflection or group discussion

  • Scripture Recognition for in-app passage look-up and cross referencing

  • Embedded video for sermon studies and bonus author video content

This is the ONLY place you will see this, but we have big ideas for what to build next. We are working on:

  • A Master Journal feature for quick access to significant spiritual events, praise reflection, etc.

  • Groups - for online small-group support and group member progression gamification

  • And of course, voice support for all of it. This means, start your study, get in your car or set out on the hiking trail, and do it all with smart audio interaction

How do I help?

Remember, Interstudy is specifically designed to do something NO OTHER APP DEVELOPER is spending any time on, that we know of; making church, Christian publishing, and independent creator material easier to engage... anywhere, anytime.

Now that you have become a supporter we will be well on our way to making this tool as great as possible. With the hiring of great full-time developers and marketers we will get there.

All you need to do now is enjoy the experience. Tell your friends. Tell your church about the benefits of using Interstudy for sermon studies. Be transformed. Tilt the globe.

We love and appreciate you!

Dan Beauregard, CEO & Co-Founder